About us

ONETEC is a leading provider of technology services that help event organizers improve efficiency for registering attendees, renting IT equipment, improve interactivity and managing communication infrastructures.

Based in Belgium (Brussels and Antwerp) and Luxemburg, ONETEC has worked with the most recognizable event organizers, conference centers and corporates, including European Institutions, because it has complete understanding of the critical importance of timing and challenges of this special, frequently changing and last-minute-needs business.

ONETEC was founded in 1995 as a software company. In 2012, CERIX and AIMS were taken over by ONETEC. In 2014, WHOS-IN joined the company. Today, the ONETEC GROUP has all necessary tools and team members in order to fulfill all event organizer's needs

OneTec group from OneTec group on Vimeo.

“Operational intelligence for successful events”