Ticketing & Access Control

ONETEC is the right partner for Online and Onsite Ticketing. Easy Ticketing Software is used by organisors of exhibitioins, leisure parks, festivals, dance- and sport events,…

Easy Access Control Software is designed for organisors looking for an efficient and accurate way to control entrances in accordance with the given rights of the tickets. The software is also used as an audit control for ticket sales.



  • - Digital information
  • - Numerous applications
  • - Easy reporting
  • - Simple and effective
EasyLEAD scanners are no bigger than a USB key and their function enables you to click a button to read a barcode – easyLEAD does the rest.

Opticon scanners record all the barcodes they scan in a small memory chip which can then be downloaded to an excel document. It’s a simple and effective way of gathering data and can be used for all different kinds of data collection and interpretation.

For example, you could prepare an evaluation survey and give each possible answer a unique barcode. The hostess takes a printed copy of the survey to a participant and scans their response. When the scanner is next connected to a computer, all of the survey results will be available in a simple Excel spreadsheet.

EasyLEAD can also record who attended which sessions. Unique barcodes can be added to each attendee’s badge, which can then be scanned at the door for each session enabling you to download a spreadsheet of exactly who attended which sessions.

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  • - Limits fraud
  • - Easy to use
  • - Real-time reporting
Control access to your event with easy to use and reliable digital scanners. This technology is already installed at the largest concert halls and festivals, it’s time to go digital with easySCAN!

During registration, your attendees have received an access ticket with a personal barcode.

Once they arrive on site, your hostess/steward scans the barcode to verify the ticket. Each barcode can only be scanned once.

Scanners can be connected together via an online system so that each registration from all of the scanners is recorded in one place, giving you instant access to your delegate details and attendance figures.

EasySCAN can be combined with OneTec’s online ticketing platform – EasyTICKET

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  • - Online payment
  • - Reliable system
  • - 24/7 Helpdesk for support
The OneTec ticketing system is powerful and reliable, and will handle all ticket sales for your event.

EasyTICKET offers you an entirely online system for booking tickets, paying and receiving them.

Our team of developers will customise every aspect of the ticketing site, even the tickets can be branded with the event logo and can be printed at home by the booker.

Combined with easySCAN, easyTICKET becomes the most effective way to limit duplicates and fraud. The stewards scan each unique ticket barcode at the entrance of the event and the scanners verify its authenticity. Each barcode can only be used once.

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